two children in car seats
Jessica MitchellMelissa ZukowskiI hope we have thousands of listeners. Did you know that car crashes are the NUMBER ONE killer of children ages 1-12 in the United States? Did you know that 40% of children in Arizona who should be in car seats are NOT? And that of the 60% who are, 80% of those child car seats are installed incorrectly and can cause get harm to children if an accident occurs? Given that every 12 minutes one person is killed in a motor vehicle crash, we all need to listen, learn and take action. Dr. Zukowski and Jessica share with us some hard facts about what they know, but more importantly they provide helpful tips about where to get more information about how to make sure your kids are safely strapped in, about just what the laws are regarding this issue and the penalties for not using them, as well as how to find a certified child passenger safety technician if you still have questions. PLEASE listen and help us spread the good, sustainable, life-saving word.