What is the future of your home as it relates to energy? Where is the Energy Star rating going to take up? How efficient will the new HVAC and Heat Pumps take us? And what does the future of solar look like both locally and globally? Tucson Electric Power has consistently received national awards for their progress in converting to renewable energy. They have been providing safe, reliable and affordable power to Arizona residents for over 125 years (before Arizona become a state) and they are constantly preparing for the future of energy to maintain that tradition. Please join us to find out just what we can expect from TEP as we move to a renewable resource economy and to improving the quality of life in our community. This show made possible due to the generous support of Tucson Electric Power Company.



  • Tucson Electric Power’s (TEP) Efficient Home Program is a partnership with builders to build construction that is focused on quality building, creating sustainable environments that customers are looking for – improve the safety, comfort and energy efficiency of your house. An energy-efficient home is a healthful home!
  • An Energy Star Home is an above code home. It lets the customer know the quality of their home, everything they can and cannot see. To earn the Energy Star, a home must meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), making them more efficient than standard homes.
  • When we talk about air quality, sealing the home is only the first step. You want to bring in fresh air in and out each hour just as much as you want to seal the home so you don’t have energy loss. Indoor air quality is a big focus for the future of new homes.
  • Version 3 of Energy Star takes water into consideration as well. It shows there’s a plan to deal with water that comes to the home because of storms, humidity etc and to move it away from the home and use it in other ways.
  • Smart learning thermostats are the future of homes. It is really important to know how they work so that they can really manage your energy use.
  • Tip: Examine your home’s air filter every month and change it if needed!
  • There are many rebates and incentives offered by TEP – learn more by visiting their website.