Millions of people have their homes and yards sprayed for pest control every month but how many of us are aware of what else we are killing? How many pets and birds and other wildlife are being exposed to toxic chemicals? How much does this spraying impact our groundwater and air-quality? I admit that until I became Mrs. Green, all I cared about was that I never saw a cockroach or a scorpion or a tree roach in my home – whatever it took. Because of Nick Ingerston and his extensive, comprehensive knowledge about bugs, about natural, non-toxic and non-harmful alternatives, I have been a long-time customer and major referral source for Eco-pest – even when it comes to getting rid of termites! They care deeply about indoor air-quality. If you care about your health, the health of your children and the health of the environment, you will want to listen to and learn from this show. I hope you do!  This show was made possible due to the generous support of Russett Southwest.



  • Nick spent almost a decade in the plastic industry and when he moved to the southwest, he wanted to take his life in a new direction. This is a great story of “how did you end up doing what you do” – join us for this great story!
  • What are the costs and rewards of practicing natural pest control? Nick shares his business insights on this show.
  • Green is always more expensive – really? Not necessarily true and Mrs. Green sheds light on that myth on this show. What is the value of your health and the health of those you love, including the planet? You are making an investment in your life and the quality of your life experience.
  • EcoPest takes the approach of using natural elements first and then non-toxic products second. The flexibility they have to treat your home and businesses without chemicals is tremendous.
  • Pesticides are designed to cling to organic particles – as you are moving through your home, they go airborne and disperse throughout your home and stay for years and years.
  • EcoPest uses seasonal blends to treat pests and the blends are completely natural – and they can customize the blend to address the needs of their customer.
  • What questions should you ask your pest control provider to determine how safe and environmentally sound they truly are? Nick has some advice to share – push play to hear more!
  • Do the all-natural products really work to address pest control needs? Mrs. Green has a few thoughts to share on this show.
  • Nick is seeing a rise in clients moving to use his services – especially those with pets and kids.
  • EcoGreen has new business projects brewing – get the scoop on this podcast!


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