Disruptors for good create game changing solutions that foster a world of “better” – healthier, safer and more sustainable. What does it look like when these disruptors are leading an influential organization? What corporate leadership model intentionally strives to create value in the community? What does it mean to be a true community partner? In Tucson, Arizona, Tucson Medical Center is leading the way and providing answers to all of these questions. There is a good chance that if a non-profit is hosting an event that has anything to do with health or community benefit, TMC’s name shows up as a sponsor or supporter of that event. We will discuss the impact of TMC’s giving on our community and what how they continue to be agents of change, creating a better community for all. This show made possible due to the generous support of Tucson Medical Center.



  • The role of Tucson Medical Center (TMC) serving the community and being a true partner goes all the way back to the foundation and naming of the institution.
  • The mission of TMC is to provide exceptional health care with compassion. The vision of TMC…aspire to serve our community by being the best health system, as measured by the quality of care we deliver; the experiences we create and the value that we bring.
  • What is the key ingredient in building sustainable communities? Why does an institution, like TMC, matter when we talk about the health of the planet? Mrs. Green provides insight into these questions – listen now to learn more!
  • TMC has picked four (4) “true norths” – guiding their work and their decisions – Mary shares these during the podcast.
  • How is the impact of TMC’s partnerships measured? How decisions made of where investment dollars will be spent? A very intentional approach and leaders making decision based on mission is key!
  • How big a factor is your genetic make-up? You might be shocked to learn what factor is the biggest determination for the quality of your health and length of your life span…listen to learn more.