Tim SibleyBrandy FerrerMany of us know the excitement of purchasing and moving into a new home. But what if you started to notice that after you moved, your child began to suffer from severe colds, sinus issues, sore throats and headaches? What a way to put a damper on something that is supposed to be joyful! Please join us to hear about one family’s real life experience with a sick home. How did they figure it out? What were the solutions and how did Russett Southwest literally enter the picture and make this home healthy and safe again? Given that upper respiratory disease is the third highest cause of death in Pima County, you owe it to your health to listen in! This show made possible due to the generous support of Russett Southwest.



  • Brandy Ferrer has a personal story to share about the importance of keeping your home healthy so that you can stay healthy. They moved into a home and then her daughter started feeling sick – listen to this podcast to hear the story and what Russett Southwest did to help solve the problem.
  • Child life specialists from Tucson Medical Center have shared that they are seeing increased cases of childhood asthma. (Learn more by listening to this show)
  • As the environment outside continues to be more compromised, just opening the windows tends not to be the best solution. We need our homes to be our sanctuary and making sure our indoor air quality is excellent is the key!
  • Buying a home? Ask for an indoor quality air check as part of your home inspection.


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  • Where there is a pattern, there is a problem! If you or your family members are not feeling well, be sure to have your home’s health checked.