• The HabiStore is Habitat for Humanity’s Tucson retail outlet for gently used furniture and home improvement supplies. It’s a treasure trove for upcyclers and recyclers that benefits the entire community!
  • The HabiStore generates revenue to help build and repair homes for communities and collects resources for various local organizations
  • HabiStore provides a spectrum of affordable building materials available to anyone who may be looking to remodel their kitchen or other home improvement projects
  • They partner with other local non-profit agencies and organizations who are helping communities and offers resources donated from the HabiStore
  • Upcycling makes use of already made materials, instead of buying something where new materials had to be sourced. It helps reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill, allows you to explore your creativity, reduces your carbon footprint, and saves money
  • Upcycling is greener than recycling because it doesn’t compromise the quality of the material, it can be fun and easy as putting a new coat of paint on an old item, or adopting previously loved items that can add a little character to your surroundings



  • Ask your friends, family, or neighbors if they may have anything they don’t need or want and see if you can put it to use in a creative way!
  • If you are remodeling or redesigning your home, check your local HabiStore or thrift store first to save money and help the environment – you never know what you will find.
  • Try to find a signature piece or accent piece that fits your home. Don’t be afraid of a little DIY. There are so many tutorials online, Pinterest is a great resource!
  • One item in – one item out. Don’t forget when you are rearranging, remodeling or redesigning your home to donate your old items back to the HabiStore or a local Goodwill to keep the cycle of giving going!
  • Tucson Residents: Visit the Tucson HabiStore located at 935 W Grant Rd