(yes, Annie Nelson of Team Willie & Annie Nelson)
and Kelly King from Pacific Biodiesel

Kelly King and her husband Bob’s pioneering vision created American’s FIRST biodiesel refinery in Maui in 1996. Pacific Biodiesel became the first private company to divert and refine thousands of tons of municipal grease trap waste and waste vegetable oil into clean-burning, premium biodiesel. Years later, along came country music legend Willie and his wife Annie Nelson. They became very interested in the King’s vision of sustainable biodiesel and eventually they formed a strong partnership that exists to this day. Ready for this? In a very short time after that, Willie and his good friend Bill Mack would single-handedly use SATELLITE RADIO to talk to truckers and farmers about biodiesel, and thus elevated the renewable fuel into mainstream recognition. Want to hear more? I know I do. This show sponsored by The Fairfax Companies.