Men walking with giraffes
Grant ReedAdventure, education and conservation are at the core of the Okavango Guiding School. The school is located in the heart of the Okavango Delta, in Botswana, Africa, which has been declared a World Heritage site because of its pristine ecosystems, its scenic beauty, and abundance of wildlife. Get ready to meet someone who has experienced hippos ramming his vehicle, a bull elephant tipping 17 people out of a vehicle at night and spent the next 15 minutes charging them in the dark and trumpeting murderously. Grant has turned those kinds of experiences into a private guiding training school by offering courses that are very hands on and where students learn from day to day experiences like the two referenced above. Whether one is interested in experiencing Africa on foot or in feeling Africa’s pulse on a “learn from experience” track or in finding out about Africa on one’s own terms, the Okavango Guiding School has it covered. Truth be told, Grant sounds somewhat like Indiana Jones meets Tarzan.  Oh the places we’ll go on yet another excellent adventure.



  • Grant was born into the life of guiding and engaging with nature – his personal story is yet another example of the seed of passion for the planet being planted by parents from the start of life.
  • The school started with the intention of training guides to grow the Reed family safari business – Grant shares the history on this podcast.
  • The training that the school offers is for those that want to be trained as a guide and for those that want a life experience.
  • Being curious, hands on and having a sense of adventure – these are the characteristics of those that should come to the school.
  • Learn more about the details of each program the school offers on this podcast!
  • Somewhere inside each of us there is a light glowing for reconnecting with nature and developing our primitive survival skills.
  • Whether or not you ever use the guiding school skills you gain from the Okavango Guiding School in life – there is something to be said about accomplishing the goal of being certified as a guide. The certification is an illustration of a reconnection with nature – with the planet.
  • The enlightenment that comes from understanding the interconnectedness of the planet – animals and their collective behaviors, for example – is beyond words. It helps us get to the WHY – why systems have evolved to be what they are and why it is essential for life on the planet and why we must persevere to preserve our home.
  • What is one of the greatest unforeseen benefits of engaging with the school? Grant shares a very important insight on this podcast – join us to learn more!
  • What is real eco-tourism? Grant defines it as culturally, socially and environmentally responsible travel – and what positive impact the travel must have on the society in which it rests. Grant shares the example of poaching on this show – join us to discover truth.
  • Grant has important information to share about climate change and how you can support local students becoming guides through the school – interested in being a sponsor? Contact Grant today!


  • Learn more about the Okavango Guiding School by visiting their website and engage with them on Facebook and Twitter


  • The Okavango Guiding School website has a great section to learn more about the animals one may encounter during their time at the school.

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