Christmas trees and composting pile
Cristina PolsgroveJoin the Treecycle movement! The City of Tucson’s Christmas tree recycling program is in its 20th year. This is not your ordinary recycling program. The Department of Environmental Services (DES) puts effort into “recycling” your tree and turning it into something useful. Join me and our friend, Cristina, who will give you all the details: what they do with the trees, which dates the recycling begins, where there drop off locations are and what you need to remove from your tree before you gift it back to Mother Earth. We need you to spread the word, encourage people to participate and invite your friends to join the recycling party. You might even want to volunteer to bring your neighbor’s tree to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions – talk about bringing a smile to Mrs. Green’s face! This show made possible due to the generous support of City of Tucson Department of Environmental Services.



  • TreeCycle is in it’s 22ndyear in Tucson, Arizona – learn more about the history of this great program and be inspired to start it in your city or community!
  • TreeCycle starts in Tucson on December 26thand ends January 14th
  • Cristina shares all of the easy to access locations where you can drop off your trees this year – listen to this podcast to learn more.
  • 25% more waste is generated, per household, during the holiday season – that is about a million extra tons of trash each year!
  • Anywhere from 25 to 30 million Christmas trees are purchased each year – and real trees are so much better for the planet than artificial trees!
  • Did you know that using one reusable bag takes the place of 700 plastic bags over it’s lifetime! Need ideas of how to reduce your waste this holiday season? Cristina and Mrs. Green have great ideas that they share on this podcast!



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