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Aric CaplanImpact Earth: Climate Reality, Episode 6, What does the new day look like in regards to our adaptation to climate change? What messages are being communicated through media, politics and culturally – and are they scientifically sound? Do we understand the great and growing divide when it comes to the impact of climate change on marginalized communities? Diversity, equity, and inclusion matter because we are all part of the solution. Lots of questions to explore on this episode – join us.



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  • More about Aric Caplan: Since 2004, Caplan Communications has worked on the frontlines of advocacy and journalism in Washington, DC to design cogent messages and news coverage proactively and in rapid response for non-profit organizations and coalitions. Aric is a seasoned, chief communications counselor. His track record has advised mission-based nonprofits, legislative agendas, and corporate clients. Before founding Caplan Communications, he served as national marketing director for Ruder Finn, managing clients among book publishers, authors, and various public affairs campaigns. He began his career in broadcasting by programming news/talk radio station, WJNO-AM, in West Palm Beach and producing the #1-rated morning show at historic KDKA Radio in Pittsburgh.
  • Where are we as a country in terms of having a true plan in place to address climate change? Aric thinks we are very close to that plan and having it effectively in place to work towards climate solutions – learn more how we can get from point A to point B on this podcast.
  • The experience of the COVID pandemic and the climate pandemic have illuminated the humanness of being on the planet. Join Aric and Mrs. Green for a dynamic conversation on what it means to be a connected human being today.
  • There is no debate as to the existence of climate change. There is no more time to waste discussing climate from political perspectives. Listen to discover how Aric addresses climate deniers.
  • Is extreme weather a climate disaster when it happens to us or to someone else? How do we help the masses recognize climate change as it is happening and adapt to it? How do we adapt in a way that equalizes the benefits across our communities and does not dismiss those that are marginalized?
  • What happens when we look at decisions through the lens of climate? Whether you are deciding on whether or not to have children, have a swimming pool, where you live, what you drive – when you look at those decisions through the lens of climate, your decision may shift from what it might have been initially.
  • How do we work to build a culture based on collaboration, cooperation, community and continue to light hope within each other? Be inspired – join us for this podcast.



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