From the founding of Bosch by Robert Bosch over 130 years ago, this company’s history has been characterized by innovate drive and social commitment. They strive to improve the quality of life for their customers with innovative products and services that are second to none. Whether they are producing household appliances or a power tool for a professional, Bosch products provide the best technology, the highest performance, that stand for quality, innovative and excellent design. As for being good stewards of the community? Up to and including today, Bosch spends about HALF of its global research and development budget on technologies that help conserve resources and protect the environment. They use natural resources responsibly and continuously work to reduce energy consumption at every level of their organization. And as a consumer, several of Bosch values I admire and respect are their constant development of new ideas to make people’s daily lives more comfortable, their appliances are actually intelligent and their household products are styled in ways that you just can’t wait to own one. Join us to hear great, exciting, concrete examples of all of the above and why I have admired and respected them since I began my Mrs. Green journey. This show made possible due to the generous support of Bosch Worldwide.



  • Robert Bosch would “rather lose money than trust” and that is a value statement that Bosch has held at it’s core since its inception.
  • Being “green” is not new to Bosch. Sustainability has been part of the company’s DNA since Robert Bosch founded the company more than 130 years ago.
  • Bosch’s commitment to the environment – from green manufacturing to efficient appliance performance, and even recycling their product when the life cycle is over – helps distinguish Bosch as a brand that exceeds energy and water efficiency standards. They are committed to water and energy efficiency.
  • As an ENERGY STAR® partner since 2007, the brand has long been committed to water and energy efficiency through its manufacturing of efficient kitchen appliances. Bosch manufactures the most energy efficient dishwasher in the US and offers ENERGY STAR® certified products in the following categories: compact laundry pair, dishwashers, refrigeration and ventilation.
  • How does Bosch translate their core values of sustainability to their employees and consumers? They are constantly evaluating how consumers are interacting with their appliances and applying their core values to the invention and manufacturing of their products.
  • Do you want to understand induction cooking and convection baking and why it matters to the planet? Listen to this to get your questions answered.
  • A steam convection oven? WHAT?! Learn more about the benefits in this podcast.
  • An oven that opens to the side? Check it out. Living life in a smaller space? The Bosch 24” product line is the solution. They truly have something for everyone!
  • New things on the horizon for Bosch – keep an eye out for their new dishwashers!