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Leading a foundation with the largest network of civically engaged Latino philanthropists, social justice warrior Jacqueline Martinez Garcel is a force. On a mission to unleash the power of Latinos, the Latino Community Foundation seeks to radically change the concept, purpose and pathway to philanthropy by returning to its core roots: love. At a critical moment in our nation’s history, the rising groups of Latino leaders are fighting the battles of racism and classism that are raging in our country by honing in on the healing and redemptive power of love. Driven by change and impact, not charity – Jacqueline will share with us how the work of LCF is radicalizing the power of dynamics that have crept into the field of philanthropy and have held the sector captive in an oppressive and counterintuitive style. The ultimate objective for her is to liberate capital and invest in grassroots movements and leaders that will drive us CLOSER to a more just and representative democracy.  I am all in.



  • 39% of the population of California is made up of Latinos – the community that the Foundation is building is one where everyone is lifted up and the values of love, family, hard work and justice are held close.
  • The Latino Community Foundation is a movement – in the last 3 years, they have built the largest network of Latino philanthropist nationwide. They are drawing up their power, which is defined as civic, economic power driven by a sense of love and paying it forward.
  • The goal is to build community – fighting and demanding justice, investing in youth leadership and investing capital into the community to accomplish these goals.
  • If philanthropy is going to drive change – the money has to get into the hands of those that are driving change. How is the Latino Community Foundation truly creating the opportunity for this investment? Jacqueline illustrates the pillars of this process on this podcast – join us!
  • How important is the 2020 Census? To resist we must exist. The insights are powerful – learn more on this show.
  • Key objective for the Foundation: creating environments where young people feel engaged, informed and valued.
  • Why is it important that we speak more about love? It is about values – not politics. If we focus on our common values – the unity will only strengthen and expand. Jacqueline takes us deep into the journey of leading with love and what it means – listen to discover more.
  • We want change – not charity. What does this mean and how is the Latino Community Foundation making advancements? More on this podcast!
  • What does this work have to do with reversing global warming and addressing climate change? The connections are clear – listen to discover more.



  • Support the work of the Latino Community Foundation today!

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