Defenders of the Wet and Wild

Kathleen is devoted to an unrelenting defense of the future against those who would pillage and wreck the planet. Kathleen’s growing alarm at the devastation of the natural world led her to focus her writing on the moral urgency of action against climate change and habitat destruction. She has addressed audiences ranging from activists to Nobel Conference scholars to Disney World executives and students all over the country — Alaska to Texas, New York to California — calling people to clarity and moral courage as they confront the forces that would wreck the world. On top of all that, Kathleen has a way of delivering her message like no other. I cannot wait for you to join me to learn more about someone who is the change I want to see and be in the world. This show made possible due to the generous support of The Fairfax Companies.



  • Kathleen’s dedication to the natural world runs deep to her very beginnings. The natural world is not always going to be there for us, unless we take up the work of protecting it.
  • Climate change at its very heart is a moral problem. If we can’t find a way to live on this planet without wrecking it, we will have failed our duties as members of all living things.
  • If we have a right to life; if we have a right to a homeland; if we have a right to happiness – then climate change is going to be the greatest abuse of human rights we have ever seen.
  • We say we love our children and that is a sacred trust – we have an obligation to our children to save them from the possible loss of happiness.
  • When did our lack of consciousness take over our lives…our planet? How did we get here? Kathleen has great insights into these questions that she shares during this podcast.
  • What is the great tide that is rising? The illustration that Kathleen paints for us, in this podcast, is encouraging and inspiring – listen to hear more!
  • How do you open people’s hearts without breaking them? Despair is disempowering. If there is no hope – why should I even bother? Every step we take – no matter how small – makes a difference. We have ultimate power, as individuals, to discover our voice. There are three things we have to do and they have to all happen at the same time: we have to stop the harm; we have to imagine a better way and reimagine who we are in relation to the world.
  • Climate change is a “all hands on deck” situation – what can you offer toward bringing forward the solutions? How can we be in community as we discover new ways to walk gently on the planet?
  • The closing of this podcast is powerful and necessary for all beings to hear – the call to action that Kathleen brings to all of us is truly essential to our fight against climate change.



  • Listen to Mrs. Green’s interview with Libby Roderick (mentioned during the podcast)