Mrs. Green’s World Upcoming Shows

The Many Faces of Energy: Challenges & Triumphs

Saturday, July 30 at 12 am (PT)

David Hutchens, President and CEO of Tucson Electric Power and its parent company, UNS Energy Corporation - From where I sit, Dave Hutchens has a big job. Being the head of a major... » Read more
BEST OF SHOW: Protecting You from Toxic Chemicals

Saturday, August 6 at 12 am (PT)

Michael Green, Executive Director for the Center of Environmental Health - Can you think of anything that matters more to you than your health and the health of those you love? So... » Read more
BEST OF SHOW: Women vs. Toxic Chemicals

Saturday, August 13 at 12 am (PT)

Erin Switalski, Executive Director, Women's Voices for the Earth - All those in favor of a toxic free future, please say "aye." Ready for this to start your new year off healthy? Women's... » Read more
BEST OF SHOW: Moms Clean Air Force

Saturday, August 20 at 12 am (PT)

Dominique Browning, Co-founder and Senior Director - Don't ya love it? Moms Clean Air Force is a community of moms and dads uniting against air pollution, including the... » Read more
wp-Bridgitte Alomes
BEST OF SHOW: Natural Pod - Kid & Planet Friendly

Saturday, August 27 at 12 am (PT)

Bridgitte Alomes, Founder, Natural Pod - When I met Bridgitte at a conference several months ago, it was very clear she is on a mission to make non-toxic and natural play... » Read more