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The Yin & Yang of Climate Crisis

Saturday, October 22 at 12 am (PT)

Brendan Kelly, Founder of Jade Wellness Clinic & author of the book The Yin and the Yang of Climate Crisis - I am a true believer of what Brendan has to say. Blending the external... » Read more
Bread, Wine, Chocolate: the Slow Loss of Foods We Love

Saturday, October 29 at 12 am (PT)

Simran Sethi, award-winning journalist & author - I am so thrilled to report that I have met and spent time with Simran Sethi and she is quite impressive on so many levels. Since I haven't... » Read more
Building A Better World

Saturday, November 5 at 12 am (PT)

Susan Yow, Director, Affiliate Tithe & Global Engagement, Habitat for Humanity International - Shelter takes many forms. Definitions of shelter vary drastically as one travels the globe. » Read more
Keep the Dolphins Free

Saturday, November 12 at 12 am (PT)

Danielle Riley, Organizer/Advocate Dolphin Free AZ & Anna Kiley, Science Teacher and former dolphin trainer - Many people are unaware of the problems surrounding captive swim with the... » Read more
Trash is for Tossers!

Saturday, November 19 at 12 am (PT)

Lauren Singer, Founder & Waste Free Planet Preserver - Meet Laura Singer - she lives a zero waste life in New York City of all places. Two transformative moments/events showed up in Lauren's... » Read more
Meet a Renovation Angel

Saturday, November 26 at 12 am (PT)

Steve Feldman, Co-founder, Renovation Angel - This show and story are all about one person's incredible and very compelling story. Why did Steve Feldman start Green Demolitions... » Read more
Yellowstone: Preserving a National Treasure

Saturday, December 3 at 12 am (PT)

Heather White, President and CEO Yellowstone Park Foundation and Yellowstone Association (And friend of MGW) - This Foundation is the official fundraising partner of Yellowstone... » Read more