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Biomimicry: Imitating Nature

Tuesday, February 28 at 12:00 am (PT)

Nicole Miller, Managing Director Biomimicry 3.8 - I admit that I first became aware of biomimicry at the Cultivating Women's Leadership Conference I attended in July of last year. So what is... » Read more
The Least Deadly Catch: Ocean Farming in 3D

Tuesday, March 7 at 12:00 am (PT)

Bren Smith, owner of Thimble Island Ocean Farm and Executive Director of GreenWave - When I heard Bren Smith present at Bioneers 2016 last October, I literally jumped up from my seat... » Read more
Invented for Life

Tuesday, March 14 at 12:00 am (PT)

Nitasha Rohatqi, Brand Manager, Bosch; and Alan Thompson, District Sales Manager - From the founding of Bosch by Robert Bosch over 130 years ago, this company's history has been... » Read more
BioNurse: Generating Spaces for Life

Tuesday, March 28 at 12:00 am (PT)

Camila Hernandez and Camila Gratacos - I was actually in the audience at the Bioneers 2016, when John Lanier, Executive Director of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation and sponsor... » Read more
Green for All

Tuesday, April 4 at 12:00 am (PT)

Vien Truong, Director of Green For All - Longstanding, highly effective environmental and social justice activist, Vien helped lead a coalition to pass California's landmark SB 535 (de Leon) law,... » Read more
Syncronicity Earth

Tuesday, April 11 at 12:00 am (PT)

Jessica Sweidan, Co-Founding Trustee - When Jessica and her husband, Adam, founded Synchronicity Earth, they wanted to look at the whole conservation landscape, make sense of it, and... » Read more
An Orbital Perspective on Spaceship Earth

Tuesday, April 18 at 12:00 am (PT)

Ron Garan, Fighter Pilot, Test Pilot, Explorer, Aquanaut & Astronaut - When you visit Ron's website , it states that Ron "occasionally can be found in low Earth orbit, on the bottom of the,... » Read more
Meet the Feral Agrarian

Tuesday, April 25 at 12:00 am (PT)

Ariel Greenwood - Ariel Greenwood calls herself a "feral agrarian"- one who works at the intersection of agriculture and the wild. Currently she is the resident grazier at a research preserve... » Read more