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Down to Earth

Spotlight on the Southwest

Tuesday nights at 7:00 p.m, you’re invited to listen in on conversations between Mrs. Green and some extraordinary people doing amazing things in every area of sustainability. This series began with an amazing 6th grader who has embraced the Green lifestyle since birth; listeners loved it and asked us to do it again…and again and so we are! It’s a 30-minute, commercial free show that will delight and inform. Please join us.

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Tuesday, September 13 at 12 am (PT)

Tucson Medical Center: Employee Wellness & Its Impact

wp-MaryAtkinsonwp-AlexHorvathMary Atkinson, Director of Wellness at TMC and Alex Horvath, Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

Tucson Medical Center is at the cutting edge in so many areas of their organization that it’s challenging to keep track. Their commitment to utilizing employee wellness to help with employee engagement and retention is yet another excellent example of this. TMC has a commitment to foster exercise, healthy weight and healthy eating among employees. They provide wellness programs that provide educational, inspirational and motivational programming to help empower their staff to lead healthy and well-balanced lives. All of this has an impact on the quality and retention of the thousands of staff employed by TMC. Join me to learn from Mary and Alex just what kinds of things they are doing to make them one of the most outstanding community hospitals in the USA.


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