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You’re invited to listen in every Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m.  to great, exciting conversations between Mrs. Green and some extraordinary people doing amazing things in every area of sustainability. It all began with an amazing 6th grader who has embraced the Green lifestyle since birth; listeners loved it and asked us to do it again…and again and so we are! It’s a 30-minute, commercial free show that will delight and inform. Please join us.

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Guest –

Episode airing Tuesday April 3rd at 7pm MST

Guest – Suzanne Lawder of Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona

Think of Goodwill as a resale store? Think again. As a major force & business presence in southern Arizona, Suzanne will share with you some of the reasons for their outstanding success, their award winning programs and their commitment to sustainability resulting in global impact. Get ready for a great show.

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