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Who Are We?

We are a global education platform committed to showing up everyday to change the world – to inspire action through tangible solutions around climate reality, sustainability, innovation and mindful living. The topics that fall under each of those categories are dynamic – and not necessarily simple to navigate. But here we are – doing the hard, necessary work to provide the information we all need to reverse global warming and address climate change.

Pressing Pause

Today, a series of events occurred around our business that created a moment of pause. These pauses are important – in business and in life. They are welcomed and essential to growth. We check our values, mission and purpose in these pauses and persevere to the other side where clarity and action live.

Coincidentally, members of our team arrived at GreenBiz19 in Phoenix, Arizona today. Kicking off the event, Joel Makower took to the stage and, as he tends to do, he sparked reflection. It was perfect timing for our team – and perhaps it may be for you.


We are living in a really interesting time. Ideas of how to address the issues facing our planet and our humanity are coming to the surface and their sources are so diverse. The key is engaging in intentional dialogue with the goal of finding common ground and breaking through barriers that we have historically created for ourselves. And, quite frankly, those same barriers may no longer serve our needs of preservation and opportunities for growth.

It is time to think bigger and bolder. We only have #12yearstochange. Joel asked us to consider our moon shot. What is your big idea to address an issue that you know our planet and humanity is facing? In one year, as you reflect back – how will you complete this sentence: “Who would have thought that we would be (blank)”


Our team is embracing this simple pause. We are pressing on towards clarity and action – and invite you to join us. Let’s think bigger and bolder together and shoot for the moon. Who would have thought that we already are the change we wish to see in the world?

** Interested in hearing more from Joel Makower? Join us for his podcast with Mrs. Green: GreenBiz: The Big Green Buzz