Celebrating women in climate science, advocacy and activism, photos of 4 women

Climate change is the biggest threat that we have ever faced as a civilization. However, the impact of climate change is disproportionate for women. This 2018 UN Report details why women are among the most vulnerable . Women serve as the leaders of their families, but they still suffer from rampant discrimination and unequal opportunities. These inequalities become even more pronounced in the face of changing climates, and women are more likely to become victims of scarcity, drought, food insecurity and increased disease.

In 2018, we featured an entire podcast series dedicated to and interviewing women leading the charge in our urgent race to combat climate change. Those conversations are just as vital today and we invite you to revisit this series with us: Climate Solutions: #LeadingWomen

Global Warming: Why It’s Humans This Time with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

Climate for Women’s Voices in Climate Science: The Good, The Bad and The Truth with Dr. Diana Liverman

Global Warming & People Displacement: Who’s Next? with Alexandra Bilak

Beyond Coal: Is Your Health at Risk with Mary Anne Hitt

Alaska & Global Warming: Climate Genocide with Faith Gemmill