handful of coins with sign that says "make a change"
Our Mrs. Green, Gina Murphy-Darling, is attending the Global Climate Action Summit this week.  You can learn more about the key summit challenges and how to get involved, by visiting the summit website. You can engage with delegates on Facebook and Twitter. Be a part of the global work by taking action this week:

1. Volunteer for cleanups in your community – especially in work to protect your community’s watershed.

2. Bike more and drive less. Participate in public transportation whenever possible.

3. Participate in life long learning – register for a class or workshop offered in your community.

4. Enjoy seafood? Make the most sustainable, healthy choice by consulting Seafood Watch before you take the next bite.

5. Investing in your financial future? You can put your money where your values are – learn more by listening to our podcast: Invest with a Purpose: Sustainably & Online