balcony garden

Ready to do some good for yourself and our planet? We start now.

Our friends at the Thomson Reuters Foundation shared a list of great eco-friendly ideas in April 2020 so that we can all continue to be eco-friendly during our continued experiences with coronavirus. Here are a few that are still very applicable and we would love to spotlight:

  1. Create a wildlife sanctuary – whether your home is a city apartment or a house in the countryside, you could try turning your garden, balcony, patio, windowsill or doorstep into a haven for animals and insects. Plant vegetables, herbs and flowers in the earth or pots to help nourish bees, butterflies and other creatures. Making a min-garden can ease stress while working from home – and entertain and educate younger members of the family. Want to learn more? Listen to our 2019 podcast with David Mizejewski, National Wildlife Federation Naturalist and author: The Butterfly Effect: Creating Garden Magic
  2. Rework your wardrobe – challenge yourself to quit fast fashion! Clean out your closets and donate items to charity or reuse shops in your community…then, when you go to purchase, learn about the Fashion Revolution and make your purchases sustainable, healthy and socially just. Curious to hear more? Check out our 2017 episode with Carry Somers, Founder and Global Operations Director Fashion Revolution: Who Made Your Clothes?
  3. Move your money – do an inventory of your finances! Where are your investments? Are your investments aligned with your values? Make sure you are banking and investing in ways that support environmentally conscious business practices. 
  4. Food Fun – we are all living in the Zoom world. How about hosting a Zoom cookoff/baking contest with friends and family? There can be an intention to use ingredients that are sustainable and organic. Then, each participant can share what they are doing to eliminate food waste in their homes. Can everyone pitch in an entry fee and then donate the collected money to a food bank in your community? Fun and intentional ideas to bring those we love together and make a difference. 
  5. Stay active – the organizations we value, and support still need us to participate in their campaigns. Be sure to check the websites and social media of your favorite organization to find out how you can be involved – even virtually! Three of the organizations we love: Amazon Watch, NRDC and Defenders of Wildlife – check them out and get involved today!