Does your skin have that healthy glow?  Did you ever stop and think it might be from some awful, waxy, petroleum by-product in your foundation?  I know that may sound just a tad too dramatic but attention grabbing is my true purpose.  Our skin is our biggest organ. Whatever we put on it goes in it.  So if it’s a toxic dye (even in a small quantity in your shampoo used every day ) or a petroleum by-product or even a known carcinogen, our bodies really do become toxic toilet bowls & I truly believe that the results can be deadly.

I don’t ever ever ever want to scare anyone.  I always want to help make people aware, to think, to read labels, to do research before they mindlessly  slap something in their hair or on their body.  I just want people to live long, healthy, conscious lives.  I really did do my research and continue to do so.  I don’t use the purest products available.  To me, some of them are cost prohibitive & others not readily available when I need them.  But I am blessed that I have two VerVes in my life & near my house so that I can use Aveda products. If I run out, a quick trip to the salon meets my needs. And because I want the world to be healthier, I interview passionate people like Dale Lemonds, owner of quite a few Aveda Institutes, to share important information on my green talk radio show.

And guess what?  I really like the people who work at both of them and I love that it doesn’t stink when I go in there.  Yes, stink is the correct word.  I try not to say that on my green talk radio show but, hey, this is a blog.

If you would like to research this topic more and find out what you are putting on your skin that’s going in, I invite you to visit

To your good health!