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It sounds really weird but I wake up pretty much every morning with green/sustainable thoughts and ideas to put on Facebook, tweet about, write a blog about, an idea for a show guest, another chapter I think I should add to my book. After close to four years, one might think I would be running out of ideas. 

Not to worry – not happening. Think of me as your official, totally green, eco-friendly filling station.


What I do want to share with you, however, is that the passion and urgency to spread the good, green word by every means possible continues to grow and thrive with every passing day, hour, moment. But spread the word about what? CFLs? Solar? Alt-fuel vehicles? Great, green people? GMOs? Safe Cosmetics? Organic Gardening? Green books? Safe seafood? Earth Month activities? The 3 R’s (as in reduce, reuse, recycle?)
The answer is D – all of the above. The number of topics and consequently the number of challenges we face as a planet seem infinite. But here’s the thing. My purpose is not just to spread the word. My purpose is to get YOU excited too. It’s about igniting your passion in whatever areas of your life you want to move in a greener direction. It’s about making you laugh, making you think, and hopefully inspiring you to act. It’s about getting you to think about how important it really is to shop locally, to change out that light bulb, to put your reusable bags in the car, to make sure your next vehicle is a fuel efficient one. It’s about helping all of us to look at small shifts in every aspect of our lives. I like to call it integration and living consciously. It’s about a call to action. It’s about small steps, big impact. It’s about us all moving forward together (and did I say having fun while doing so?) In other words, visiting the green filling station often and shifting the planet.
Three final thoughts to share:

1.  I always love to hear from you. What do you want me to write about? What would you like to learn more about? What’s confusing to you about this entire sustainability shift? What guest would you like me to interview on my show?
2. My continuing education is critical because what I read and learn about, I want to share. If you want to go the “deep thoughts” route for just a bit, here is a great article I read about what this author calls “transformative sustainability.”
3.  I think I needed a green brain drain with this issue. The committee members in my head have all been talking at once.

Thanks for being a part of my world and please be in touch about what inspires you.

Welcome PAG – A New Mrs. Green Partner

In the coming months, you will be hearing more about Pima Association of Governments (PAG) via Mrs. Green’s platforms. I hope that you will read about and listen to all of their initiatives, activities, events and their commitment to making our world a better place. From the great Clean Cities initiatives and accomplishments to their fun Sun Rideshare programs to what they are doing about saving water, PAG’s partnership with Mrs. Green’s World is indeed something to celebrate. Stay tuned…

See entire March 28, 2012 newsletter including upcoming radio show guests