double-Simmons-MeyerJudith Simmons, Marketing Specialist
Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona &
Michael Meyer, Vice President of Donated Goods Retail and Marketing at Goodwill Industries International

Thrift shopping is not only a choice that is healthy for the planet but it’s also an answer to the consumerism that has pushed Americans’ spending habits to the max. It has also taken its toll on the nation’s resources and financial stability. Judith and Michael will help raise our awareness about the positive aspects of second-hand shopping and discuss the benefits of donating, including shrinking landfills, reducing clutter and actually boosting the economy. Given that the fashion industry is one of the major sources of pollution globally, it begs the question – is there a downside to thrifting? Let’s all learn why it matters to all of us! This show made possible due to the generous support of Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona.