Do you ever think to yourself “Why aren’t people upset about the state of our environment?” Or how about “Why don’t people care what’s happening to the world around them?”

The answer is they really don’t understand what’s happening and why. They aren’t connected. They aren’t mindful of the world around them and what’s happening to it because they are disconnected from it. This isn’t because they don’t care, or WANT bad things to happen – it’s truly and honestly because they just don’t get it. They haven’t connected the dots in their own minds between that plastic cup with the single use straw they threw out after lunch, and effects of micro plastics in our oceans. They don’t understand that the wildfires that are burning down our forests and hurricanes that are wiping out our coasts are directly connected to atmospheric warming that was contributed to when they threw that old AC window unit in the dump. They’re not trying to cause harm, they just don’t see the larger picture.

The Mrs. Green’s World team is on a mission to paint that picture for all of us in the vibrant, living colors of our natural world and to help people understand that we ARE connected. We are connected to one another. We are connected to this planet and ALL its inhabitants, and the smallest choices we make contribute to the big outcome. We want to help everyone connect the dots between the party thrown with paper plates and napkins, the deforestation that occurs to make those items, and the greenhouse gases that are emitted through the process of creating them. We want everyone to understand that the seemingly insignificant choices we make are connected to a larger scheme, and that when we make better ones, they can have very real, positive impacts.

That’s why we are asking you to become a member. We need your help to tell the right stories, to get the word out, to help people to see that global warming and the climate crisis isn’t political. It isn’t a lifestyle choice. It isn’t about accepting any one person’s ideas about how life should be lived. It’s about seeing the connections that exist all around us. Once you have seen them, they can’t be unseen and that’s where the change begins.

If you believe, as we do, that there is no more important message in this world today than helping people to see their connection to the bigger picture. If you want to help us send that message further, help us to reach a larger audience, and inspire more people to make better choices, then we ask you to join the movement today.   Become a Disruptor for Good and help us to bring awareness to the stories that really matter. Help us highlight the connections we all need to see so we can make this change….together.


Meredith, a former professional in the software industry, has come to the Mrs. Green’s World team through an unlikely journey that took her through the world of non-profit management and on to becoming a part of MGW mission and purpose – helping people understand climate change and what we can do about it – is very near and dear to her heart. She lives in Tucson with her family and too many pets.