The movement for anti-global warming is one that many people simply don’t understand. These groups are basing information from specific areas of long winters and record lows, while other parts of the world have seen a steady rise in temperature. The glaciers in Peru and the North Pole recession would argue the point of warming – both on separate sides of the planet.
1. Based in Fact? – Setting global warming aside, a very large portion of these groups are against any technology that could benefit our species using renewable sources. Most of the time, they are referred to as premature and/or inefficient. Are these individuals regurgitating propaganda they read in some email or on a website without verifying facts? Or is there some truth behind these ramblings? Regardless of whether you believe the hype or not, it’s hard to refute free energy.

2. Unbreathable Pollution – People are so set in their ways that they simply cannot see the forest for the trees. Since renewable energy has to be evil, then it can do no good – even if you never pay another electric bill again. Did you know that the air quality is so bad in some major cities that they advise people not to jog or work outside on specific days? Electric cars are on the list for inefficiency among those who don’t believe in a “greener” future – yet we can actually see, smell, and breath the difference with this particular technology.

3. New Technology – One of the biggest arguments against solar power is the fact that an array can be so expensive to install for little improvement. However, manufacturing techniques and improved technologies are constantly increasing the efficiency of such photovoltaic installations while reducing the cost. In fact, solar arrays can be installed piece at a time, which could greatly decrease the cost of implementation to the average user. Even if you don’t believe that coal-burning steam turbines are an antiquated technology – it’s a steam engine – surely you’d be able to see the advantage of replacing some of your electricity bill by using a solar array.

4. “Nothing Up My Sleeve…” – When both sides of an argument have solidifying points, it can be aggravating to both parties. Since facts weigh heavily on this discussion, it is near impossible to disprove an opposing view with facts in hand. Both sides of the eco-argument can’t be correct, can they? Could these facts of either side be misconstrued from viable sources and worded to fit that particular point by omitting information? Of course. News agencies and politicians have been practicing this technique for years. With all of the misinformation that floats around the Internet, how can we come to a logical conclusion for either side of the argument?

Like all things new, it will simply take time for everyone to come to grips with what is happening. Essentially, we burn up fossil fuels to create pressurized steam in order to spin a turbine to create power. Doesn’t this seem like an antiquated technology coming from a species that relies on smartphone usage and accessing the Internet from anywhere? Solar and wind power don’t have a consumable product in order to maintain themselves. Grant it, they are dependent on environmental conditions. However, there is no additional money that needs to be spent in order to maintain power production by fueling these systems. Does that sound like inefficiency to you?

This is a guest post by Liz Nelson from She is a freelance writer and blogger from Houston. Questions and comments can be sent to: liznelson17 @