Starting September 3rd through the 17th, you can see the endangered lobo, also known as the Mexican gray wolf, all across Tucson.

Fifty silhouette art pieces representing the last wild lobos will be displayed on buildings everywhere.

Be the first to find all 50 silhouettes in this citywide scavenger hunt and you could win a FREE 6-day, 5-night Apache Wilderness Journey.  This is a once- in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness Apache culture up close and a chance to see Mexican wolves in the wild – a $3,000 value.

Lobos once roamed from Arizona, across the Southwest and down to central Mexico. But by the mid-1970s they were almost extinct.  Thanks to the Endangered Species Act, lobos are making a comeback. But they still need our help.

Join Tucson businesses and organizations in celebrating the return of El Lobo and win cool prizes.

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