One scary thing about blog titles?  They can date you! Hopefully some of you out there remember the really funny movie with Meg Ryan – When Harry Met Sally & will read on.

Have you ever heard of a company called Ecco Bella ?  (I had not until they contacted me from New Jersey about advertising over a year ago.)  After many conversations & “getting to know you” on both ends, we are now in a wonderful partnership.  I am border-line  addicted to some of their skin care and beauty products. I haven’t met their founder, Sally Malanga, in person yet but I look forward to that happening  2013.  She is the force behind Ecco Bella & she is quite an amazing human being.  She created a company that is committed to our health, the health of the planet and to animal rights every step of the way.

Since I think short blogs are better for the most part, let me just list some of the reason why Mrs. Green is proud to be a partner of theirs and why I am a true tribal member – not simply a media partner.

– Products are gluten free, vegan AND organic

– their perfumes are made using only essential oils from flowers, fruits, herbs and spices. (I think you could eat them but do not suggest trying that)

– Sally serves on the Board of Directors of Friends of Animals (

The “Activist” Eyes

– their products are cruelty free, never tested on animals (I don’t think you can work there if you have ever even had a mean thought about an animal.)

– and last but not least Ecco Bella’s brochure proudly states “We’re American and our products are made in the US.” Gotta love that.

Mrs. Green’s favorites?  A picture worth a 1000 words but I suggest doing your own research about Ecco Bella’s awesome, safe, healthy, organic skin care products.  Also have to mention that I LOVE their Ecco Mist (Citrus) because when spraying some kind of odor eater in the bathroom is a necessity, it smells like someone just squeezed fresh oranges instead of a toxic chemical. People love it.  Cross my green heart.

Smell good, feel good & they are ORGANIC!


And if I haven’t convinced you yet to check them out, have a “listen” on green talk radio. Sally IS all that.