It’s always fun and quite the challenge to think up catchy titles that will do just that: catch your attention. It’s not an ego, build my blog numbers kind of thing. It’s an urgency that comes from deep inside me about something I believe is important to share with you, remind you of, make you aware of – in other words: get into your head.

What I hope this blog does it get into your head that what you put ON your head in the form of shampoo, conditioner, a myriad of other hair care products is absorbed, goes into, enters your head! I honestly don’t know what to tell you what the very BEST and healthiest hair care products to use are. I know that I did my own research and felt that Aveda products were the right ones for me and for my lifestyle. I am a product minimalist but still want what I want when it comes to products. I admired Aveda’s commitment to and transparency about fair trade and sourcing. Fair trade isn’t always possible from where I sit and Aveda openly talks about why. Organic isn’t always possible either -because of scale and again, I admired the authentic position Aveda takes on that. Plant and botanical “based” are words to look for and be careful of. Is there a drop of a plant in your hair care product? Three drops of something botanical? Read and research about what’s good and what’s not to be putting on your head and make conscious informed choices. I believe that our lives, our health and the health of planet depend on our collective choices. I call it small steps and collectively, big impact.

And this really isn’t a post script but rather a sharing. After I did my research ( is great place to start) I sought out and have now successfully partnered with VerVe –  an Aveda lifestyle salon in Tucson. I like the people, I like the green, healthy decor. I like that they serve me water in a glass & don’t offer me a plastic bottle. I like that the hair care and skin products I buy there are in containers that might have been made from some of the bottle caps I have been bringing in for the past four years. The staff there really do make it a great day at VerVe and I like that too.

To your health and to your healthy hair care products.