When I received this guest blog post from my friend Scott Caddow from Legendary World, I had no idea about the content.  Needless to say, his words touched me and are indeed sustainable thoughts for my very soul.  Thank you my friend.

“Hello! Scott here again checking in from beautiful Anacortes WA. You may have read my previous guest post about my yearlong adventure in the Northwest. Today I want to tell you a little about the larger journey…

Since meeting Gina Murphy-Darling, aka Mrs. Green, I have been on a Green Journey. We have discussed it on her radio shows and in Social Media. It started with becoming aware of actions I take – reduce when I can, reuse as often as possible and recycle as much as possible! These little actions and most importantly to start thinking – has really made changes in my behavior and my impact on our fragile ecosystem. I am not a scientist, not an educator for the environment, not someone who is trying to change people actions, just a regular person who has been bouncing around the planet, consuming, wasting and unaware of the consequences. It was not malicious, it was not knowingly, it was just the way it was – for many of us.

Many people ask me “what’s the big deal?”, “what’s all the hubbub?” – the planet will heal itself, it is an amazing system – and that is true! The global biological system is truly amazing, trees turning CO2 into oxygen, rivers and streams constantly filtering water, toxins are always being removed from the oceans and air. The best analogy I have come up is the human body, another amazing system! Our kids fall, scrape their elbows and get a boo-boo, and it heals. We can break a leg, shave our heads and it all grows back and repairs itself! Amazing! What is happening, though,  is that over time global population has skyrocketed, use of fossil fuels is expanding exponentially, trees are being harvested faster than they are replaced and it is overwhelming the ability of the planet to heal itself. Back to my analogy. This would be the same as someone who has received one thousand cuts instead of one and it is just too much for the body to overcome and the body dies.

You’re probably now thinking, what a downer! But it’s not! The exciting part is that the planet CAN heal itself, trees ARE growing taller and stronger,oceans CAN clean themselves – we just all need to help out a little bit, we need to do the easy stuff, Mother Nature will do the heavy lifting! I’m having a great time on this adventure and making small changes are not difficult, and it’s actually fun! I’ve been learning so much and now sharing is part of my journey! I hope my analogy helps a few people to look at what we do a little differently.

I hope you enjoyed my little post and stay tuned for the next one – titled:  Mission 2013!  I will share with you major changes and goals I have set out for myself in 2013. Until then – have a green great day!”

I can’t wait!