What if more businesses decided to create more trade situations?  Example: Bookmans in Mesa, Arizona.  Not only do they have a cafe with great food (Mrs. Green has not tested it yet but stay tuned) and fair trade coffee, they accept trade-ins for food and drinks.  I think they may be the first cafe in the country (maybe even the world!) to do that.  Know of any others?  Please post if you do.

And just running the numbers: Bookmans Entertainment Exchange has bought 21,951,188 items since January 15, 2005.  I can’t get my head around how much “stuff” that would look like but talk about waste reduction!

So what if Bookmans has started yet another trend?  After all, they were leading the pack way before recycling books was the thing to do.  What if I could go into a resale shop with clothes I know longer wear, or better yet, shoes and got lots of trade for good meals? Food for thought?  pun intended….

skiboots2013P.S. Now you can go to Bookmans Sports & get all of your winter gear on trade!  I love Mrs. Green’s world – a place where everything is possible and partners are amazing.