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(But it’s not too late)

I am clearly, proudly a self-proclaimed Drama Queen. Not only that, I think the world would be very boring without us. So what’s a Drama Queen to do when it comes to something so serious, so dramatic, so on-purpose and important that I’ve got to get your attention and ask you to read on? I guess I simply ask you to trust me, read this, and then think for yourself. When it comes to fracking and our planet, my emotions almost overwhelm me. I believe fracking poses one of the biggest public health threats to our country – ever. It’s a big issue, an important issue and most people don’t have a clue what it is and why it should matter so very much to all of us. Hopefully you will become inspired to learn more and become active so we aren’t all totally fracked.

Fracking, aka hydraulic fracturing, is a process in which fractures in rocks below the earth’s surface are opened and widened by injecting chemicals and liquids at high pressure – used especially to extract natural gas or oil. Just re-read this one time. Phrases like “fracture rocks below the earth’s surface” and “by injecting chemicals” might jump out at you. I invite you to remember we are talking about Mother Earth here – the same earth that gives us life.

At the risk of totally overwhelming you with content (as in FACTS), outlined below are some of the most critical pieces of information needed to make an informed decision about where you stand on fracking.

  • The natural gas industry is increasingly using a type of drilling that is contaminating drinking water and threatening our health and safety. Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” injects millions of gallons of fracking fluids – a mixture of nearly 600 chemicals, water and sand – into a well to create pressure that cracks open rocks underground, releasing natural gas. (Mrs. Green’s note: among other things, where do you think those chemicals go once the fracking begins? And ends?
  • The process of fracking can deplete and contaminate local water, damage the environment and, as stated above, threaten public health. It is especially dangerous because of the rapid acceleration of drilling without adequate assessment of the safety risks, (like URANIUM being extracted with it!) and the lack of government oversight, including a specific exemption from federal regulation, including the Safe Drinking Water Act. (SPECIFIC EXEMPTION from the Safe Drinking Water Act. Can someone explain that to me?)
  • Fracking a SINGLE shale well requires MILLIONS of gallons of water. Widespread shale development would compete with (and already IS competing with) essential water need in regions prone to water shortages (Has anyone noticed the mid-west is drying up? Corn crops are at serious risk? Has anyone noticed we are experiencing severe water shortages globally?)
  • Now about those chemicals…Scientists have found that about 25% of fracking chemicals could cause cancer; 37% could disrupt the endocrine system; 40-50% could affect the nervous, immune and cardiovascular systems and more than 75% could impair sensory organs and the respiratory system. (Mrs. Green’s two cents: I know they say “could” but I have done a great deal of research, suffered through several well respected documentaries – even on network TV – so trust me. Not “could” but “do”.)
  • Miscellaneous carnage? Impact on livestock? Devastating. Waste water storage pits? Can leak and treatment plants not designed to handle this kind of waste – ya think? And the bad beat goes on.
  • Miscellaneous myths? Job creation for Americans? More like slam, bam, frack you ma’am. Gas companies come in, take what they want and are gone. Short term, not sustainable, and you can challenge me on that. Prove me wrong. Clean energy for our country? Many sources report that the gas extracted is being stored and shipped to China. Want to hear from an internationally known and well- respected expert on fracking? Meet Wenonah Hauter. After I interviewed her, I took the day off. Not drama – simply shut me down for the day.

Mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, ordinary citizens like you and me, landowners in targeted areas and landowners where fracking has occurred are finding each other and our voices are getting louder. I urge you to take ONE SMALL STEP, take one little call to action and join the globalfrackdown.¬†¬†Here’s to finding our voices on behalf of a planet that needs us to take a stand.

p.s. Is all fracking bad? Nope! Are there ways to extract the gas more safely? Yup. Does it cost more money? What do you think? Anything is okay with many big corporate giants unless it impacts earnings per share.

If you really want to think and not be told what to think, contribute to your own continuing education and read this white paper because hopefully, you can handle the truth.

Ooops! (Times Two)

I actually find it refreshing when public figures or companies make mistakes, admit them and genuinely say they are sorry. Now, I am not talking about BIG mistakes like the BP oil spill but you know what I mean. That being said, there isn’t a person on the Mrs. Green team who likes it when it is us that makes those mistakes. So two apologies being put out there by us. One to Pima Association of Governments for not switching out your ad in our last newsletter. We hope we “made good” because we thoroughly enjoy this partnership. And to Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona for not announcing that they are a Mrs. Green sponsor once again (not an advertiser) and for not moving them up to the sponsor area in our last two newsletters. Good catch. We are all kind of Goodwill freaks and stories among us and our friends abound so we will be making good on that one too! We strive for perfection, never want to mess up and appreciate your calling us on it when we do!