We Don’t Tell You What to Think. We Just Want You To. This is our tagline and the foundation on which Mrs. Green’s World is built. We present the information. You decide. I’ve been discovering more and more reasons to consider a plant-based diet, and I’m about 80% there. One of my guests, Howard Lyman, 4th generation cattle rancher AND vegan, opened my eyes even further stating that livestock creates 51% of the methane being emitted into our air and as a result our polar ice caps and Greenland ice shields are melting. I could go on with fact after fact (please listen for yourself to his compelling story) but instead, I want to quote Howard directly, who touched me deeply with this:

prayer“Every time I look in the eyes of a child, I basically say to myself ‘his future / her future is in my hands. I’ve got to do something about it.’ I can look after my health and say I’m going to do some things just so I’m healthier, or I can look at it say ‘if I don’t eat an animal then I’m not responsible for that animal dying’. But the fact of it is, if I don’t do everything that I can do, I’m going to be responsible for my grandson, who is 6 years old right now, that is going to be in an environment that may be totally unlivable for humans when he grows up. Should I not do everything that I can do? I know nature does not negotiate. I know that we are causing the problem. Should we not own up to that? Should we not be intelligent enough to say ‘well, I sure do like the taste of it but I would rather have my grandchildren and my children have a place to live on the planet than to have some immediate reaction.’ I think it’s time that we all become part of the solution and not be part of the problem.”

My time with Howard opened my eyes for the health of our planet a little wider. As Howard said “Nature does not negotiate.”