Consider a trip to Greer, Arizona. I am not joking! Elevation: 8200 feet. Gather your family and friends and rent a BIG cabin. Hike (free), ride bikes (free), go fishing (price of a license), bird watch (free), sit and watch beavers at work at the local pond at 6:30 every evening (free), barbecue and sip organic wine on the deck of your cabin or go have a beer at the Molly Butler Lodge and walk home. Better bring a sweater! In the afternoon, a trip to Greer Grounds is imperative – ice cream cones, great, healthy, organic-when-possible lunches and all biodegradable to go containers! After you have roasted marshmallows and made your s’mores, star gaze! You can actually SEE the stars shining brightly. Kids of all ages love star gazing! This is all about fun and relaxing and realizing how important good stewardship of our beautiful planet is for us and for future generations. No TV, no computers, no blackberrys – just being in the great, wide-open green vastness!