wp-FernandoMolinawp-WallyWilsonFernando Molina, Public Information Officer Tucson Water and Wally Wilson, Chief Hydrologist Tucson Water

Droughts, floods, too much water, not enough water – what’s a person living in the desert to think? Fortunately, staff at Tucson Water were thinking about all of this long before water became a crises or an obstacle that could not be overcome. They have planned and invested in preparation for sustained drought because of uncertainties surrounding flows in the Colorado River. This team of resourceful professionals have produced long-range water resource plans since the 1990s. And because of the Clearwater Program, Tucson moved into a water future that is not as bleak as in many other parts of the West. In fact, the rest of the US is watching and learning from all they have done. You will want to hear more about their vision and their success. This show made possible due to the generous support of Tucson Water.