This is one of those blogs that just has to get out of my head.  My friend Cindy told me about checking for “trending” on Yahoo when I was talking to her about blogging today.  I checked it 10 times through-out the day.  I am not going to tell you that for 6 of those times I did not recognize at least half of the people trending. Kristen Bell? Niecy Nash? Sarah Lancaster?  Does this mean I need to get a life or that I have one?

And then I got to thinking about a post I put up this morning on my Facebook from photographer extraordinaire Chris Jordan’s website.  If you take the time to follow this link, you have to click right on the actual piece to appreciate the magnificence of the work. You won’t believe it – trust me. The caption reads:

After reading that caption & then checking trends, I admit it bugged me all day what the trends were. I couldn’t help but think what it if we woke up tomorrow morning and peace,social justice, and environmental stewardship were trending?  What if focus on fair trade was trending? What if water bottle usage in the US was dropping dramatically and all the wires picked it up? What if we woke up and the headlines read:  Number of Organizations Around The World Devoted to Peace Surpasses the Two Million Mark!

People say that I’m a dreamer. And I’m not the only one.