First little green story:  Mr. Green discovers ants in the drive-way – lots of them. He goes to the store to do what he has always done – buy poison to kill them. He literally has an aha moment, puts the poison back on the shelf and comes home. He lets me know and asks me to call our Eco-pest guy (no poison, no harm to the earth, water supply, children or pets). Nick had Carlos at our house within an hour. Carlos identified them as carpenter ants which can be very destructive.  He treated them with an inert material (please don’t ask me to spell it) that is 99.994% toxic free.  Good enough for me.  Ants are gone, earth is safe.  Just one thing

Second little green story: Earth Day Celebration at Tucson Children’s Museum for live broadcast. One might call it work but not me. Aside from being next to the hissing cockroaches, the day was delightful. Grandparents, parents, tons of adorable kids all outside, all excited and all learning about neat things that Tucson Electric Power, The Insect Group from the U of A, the friends of Sabino Canyon & more are doing to be nice to Mother Earth.  And did I say I had fun, I got there early and stayed late?  I got outside, did one great thing and made it a GREAT green day. Most popular giveway? Sunflower seeds for planting! Right, Katelyn? 

Third little green story: the reward! Not on the list for Sunday was a trip to Tohono Chul Park but I couldn’t help myself.  I had to take Mr. Green to show him the hummingbird nest that I had seen earlier in the week. So off we went to DO ONE GREEN THING – get out in nature and visit a local treasure.  Aside from the hundreds of gorgeous wildflowers and cacti in full bloom, the park was literally a cacophony of sounds – birds galore.  And I saved the best til last!  Not only did we see Mom sitting on the nest, on our third visit circling back to catch a glimpse, we got to SEE Mom feed her TWO babies – yes, she fed both of them, two feet from us.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

And it beats staying inside and watching TV.  To your getting out and celebrating Spring!