When my grandkids  (Madison, age 12 going on 26 and Liam, age 8 & a total muffin)  come to visit, we always sit together and make a list of all the things we would like to do while they are here. It’s not a “have to” list.  It’s a want to list and there’s a difference.

I just have to share a very special story that came about during the last couple of hours of their most recent visit. On the list was “take a walk in the wash.” As time was running out, we literally hurried out the door because we wanted to make sure this one got checked off. As we were leaving the drive way, Liam said “Grandma, we have to bring a bag with us to pick up trash!” How could Mrs. Green turn down that request? So we headed back to the garage, found a bag & off we went.  I wish I could adequately describe the joy these two gifts to the planet gave me as they both chattered and gathered during our entire walk. Trust me when I say more walks will be on the list next visit.

Talk about sustainability for the soul.  This picture says it all!

Small steps, big impact in action. I am one proud grandma

Here’s to all the awareness that my own grandchildren continue to bring to my world.

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Happy New Year!