As more and more disturbing information comes my way regarding the meat industry, I find myself eating less and less meat. Pictures literally flash in my head from videos that have been sent to me & I simply put things back. It’s not that I think there is anything wrong with eating meat. For health reasons I believe most of us should cut down signficantly on the red meat we eat. That, in turn, will help with carbon emissions. But I am pretty much a meat eater at this point in my life and that may change at some point. So what’s a conscious meat eater to do?

Stay with me….The troubling part to me is the heinous, unthinkable, despicable treatment of the animals that is, by and large, internationally  hidden from the public. To me, it’s as simple as those animals are God’s creatures too. There are humane ways they can be killed and cruel unthinkable ways as well.  I have seen both.

To that end, I was thrilled to discover something here in my own city called CCGA meats. CCGA stands for Collegiate Cattle Growers Association. Cattle growers is a University of Arizona club that provide hands on livestock experience to university students. I visited their facility last Friday and spent quite a bit of time asking how they fed, raised and killed the animals. I liked all of their answers and then bought quite a bit of meat. They sell the meat every Friday between 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. and all the money raised goes to support their programs. Their website is

If it’s starting to get under your skin about wanting to eat cruelty free, grain fed, humanely raised meat, check them out. If you don’t live in Tucson, explore possibilities at your local University, 4H Clubs or even county fairs. It’s one more step we can all take in the right direction & helps to create sustainable partnerships.  To your health!