Someone commented to me the other day that what I do doesn’t seem like work because I love it so much. For the most part, that’s the truth. Being Mrs. Green on green talk radio has opened my world beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  It sustains me.

I get to meet people like Sarah Kauss from S’well Bottle, I get to interview really smart people like Albe Zakes from TerraCycle and Jim Gentile from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement , spend time with really passionate people like Terry Dee (Habistore) and John Smith (Big John The Toilet Guy) and work with people like Jason Tankersley, from the Fairfax Companies, who lives to solve the world’s waste crisis. I get to learn about Voluntourism from Mr. Legendary World.  I get to twitter about Chuck George from KOLD from a community event and I get to FB about things like saving water, driving my Chapman Honda Insight & getting 45 mpg. I get to look very deeply at what is happening on the planet, question how things really are in terms of sustainability & share the pain in my heart when the tragedy of Jan. 8th kills people I know and injures people I love. I get to be a part of building the Mrs. Green team.  I get to be Mrs. Green 24/7.

And it all started with a half hour green talk radio show. 

And now I am planning on being on Oprah.  Awakening the dreamer, changing the dream indeed. May you make all your dreams come true.