wp-BrendanKellyBrendan Kelly, Founder of Jade Wellness Clinic & author of the book The Yin and the Yang of Climate Crisis

I am a true believer of what Brendan has to say. Blending the external focus of environmentalism-Western science, policy issues, regulations-with the internal focus of Chinese medicine-personal health, qi, diet-this man reveals climate change as a symptom of deeper issues, both within us as individuals and within our culture. Directly from the write-up on Amazon: Chinese medicine, through thousands of years of use, has developed insightful ways of treating sickness and promoting well-being on an individual level. Kelly recognized, through the holistic thinking embedded in the medicine, that our personal well-being and climate health are intimately connected and that from the view of Chinese medicine, the rapid and dramatic destabilization of the climate is an opportunity to confront our individual and global ailments. I haven’t finished his book yet but I will because so far it’s that good. This show made possible do to the generous support of the Chapman Automotive Group.