Don’t you sometimes wonder about an item you read about in the paper or heard on the news and say to yourself  “I wonder what happened with that?”  Well, this is one of those.

Brief refresher. Mrs. Green’s World held a website contest asking people to nominate the greenest person they knew.  The results were actually amazing and inspired us to take it up a notch and do a greenest workplace challenge.  John Smith, The Arizona Green Plumber won the competition.

Here’s the really good, green, sustainable part. It’s about what good people do.  He gave back.  He gave the prize, a two night stay in the beautiful Loew’s Ventana Resort, to his wonderful assistant Angie and her husband.  They were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.  Angie wrote to me this morning to tell me about their great experience. Her comments are below.

Hi Gina,

It was so awesome.  Loews Ventana Canyon Resort is absolutely gorgeous and the scenery is unbelievable.  Being from the Midwest, we are always amazed by those mountain views. We relaxed and enjoyed the pool and lounge, then went to the Flying V for dinner.  The food and atmosphere were exceptional.  We ate at Bill’s Grill by the pool, too and it was equally as good.  We went to Tombstone on Saturday afternoon and took in the history and color from that area.  All in all it was a very memorable trip that we will always treasure.  Thank you so much for organizing this.    It was a wonderful way to celebrate our 40th.

 Love ya,


My take?  Being Mrs. Green is fun, fulfilling and filled with amazing people commited to making a difference for the planet through action! My life is better with John & Angie in it.  And the planet is better because of The Arizona Green Plumber – committed to reducing our water use in every way possible.

Make it a water saving day!