All I know is that when I decided to become Mrs. Green, I had this internal steering device become activated in me. It was like a little green angel sitting on my shoulder telling me I had to be careful.  I had to really pick my partners & always choose ones that were in integrity with how I lived my life.  So far so good. I am proud to call each one of my sponsors my partner or they wouldn’t be a sponsor.  I am lousy at faking anything.

Case in point for this blog?  VerVe/Aveda.  Some of  major selling points for me when I was looking for a Mrs. Green choice for a salon were obvious: no parabens in products (Aveda pulled all their products with parabens & are reintroducing many of them now paraben free); readily available (convenience is key); plant and botanically based in a SIGNIFICANT way (not just one  drop of essential oil in a product); corporate stewards (what is VerVe doing as a good community partner? What does Aveda do on global scale?); and then there are the little things/big impact one…. Like serving water in glasses instead of plastic water bottles; like burning soy candles; like decorating with repurposed furniture from other salons and like having concrete floors (which I hope were painted with no or low VOC paint.) And like having friendly staff.  In other words, it had to be healthy for my body & sustain my soul. It does.

I really didn’t know how much of my life would be an open book when I started my green talk radio show. Between the radio show, Facebook, twitter, my blog and my newsletter, people are listening, reading, responding. They have called me on things. And  I have slipped up a few times on my show and in my writing when I  haven’t researched things adequately. I don’t like when I do it but I know I will do it again.  I think it’s called being human.

A few more things I know?  It IS a great day when I go to VerVe and as Mr. Green says “it doesn’t even stink in there.”