This is actually a remarkable story that needs no explanation from me.  Just want to express a warm, sincere thank you to Kelly King – one of my rocks, my wingman, my future CEO.  God bless you Kelly King!

“Dear friends and family….

On December 15th, I found myself saying “I need to do something to help”. That was Saturday morning…the morning after the tragedy in Newtown, CT.

Then…a thought came to me…that thought was, Ben’s Bells ( Then another thought…we had a guest in our line-up for a January Mrs. Green’s World show from Southwest Airlines. You can see the write-up of that show here (it airs this Saturday, January 5th at 12pm AZ time…and you can always download it, from our podcasts following the broadcast, off our website)

I have never met Laurel Moffat in person. Gina Murphy-Darling has…she attended a seminar that Laurel presented here in Tucson.

I called Gina. “What do you think if I called up Laurel Moffat to see if there was a way Southwest Airlines could get Ben’s Bells to Newtown, CT?” I asked. Gina did not hesitate for a moment…”call her”, she said…”please, call her”.

So…I did. I spoke to Laurel on the day that she was leaving her office for a vacation to see her family for Christmas. She could have said “I’m too busy”, “I’m going on vacation”, “This isn’t going to get done in time because of our process”…she didn’t say any of those things. She did not hesitate for a moment to help. She explained to me the thousands and thousands of requests Southwest receives for donations…and that the process usually takes between 6 and 8 weeks just to start after submitting the application. Laurel was going to do all that she could to make that process happen in about a week…during Christmas vacation when executives at Southwest are gone to spend time with family…she was taking this on…and “on” she did.

Then…I called Jeannette Mare…founder of Ben’s Bells. Jeannette put things in motion on her end – submitting the application for the airline tickets to Southwest and activating the Tucson community (and those communities around the country that have Ben’s Bells studios present) to volunteer their time to help get everything pulled together…and this is the result…

Ben’s Bells shipped 1,000 bells to Newtown yesterday and Jeannette and her team will be flying, courtesy of Southwest Airlines, to Newtown to distribute those bells on January 8th – the 2nd anniversary of the shooting we experienced here in Tucson.  Gina asked me to rearrange her show schedule and we aired a special show with Jeannette Mare…here is the podcast…

My friend, Jennifer – lead anchor for KGUN 9 news here in Tucson…ran the story last night…making it the lead story for the 10pm news….here is the link to that broadcast:

Now…here is what I am asking you to say “yes” to (one or a combination of these)…

  1. Recognize      (or remember) how influential you are in the world and how your positive,      loving, caring energy can and will make a difference.
  2. Put      that energy into action. If you have the intention to make this world and      the lives of those living in it better…there are things you can do      everyday to make that intention a reality.
  3. Share      this email with all of those that you know. I don’t think I need to lay      out my reasons as to why that is important to do.
  4. Listen      to our podcasts with Jeannette and Laurel…and then share them with your      community.
  5. Make      a donation to Ben’s Bells – of either your time making bells or      financially. Imagine what they could do for our world with the resources      in place to bring their intentions into our daily lives…
  6. Share      all of this on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc accounts – as Mrs.      Green says, “we need to turn up the volume” and I need your help      to do that
  7. Please      support Mrs. Green’s World (      – subscribe to our newsletter, listen to our shows, download our podcasts,  participate in our contests, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,      etc. Tell everyone you know about us and ask them to do the same.  If  Mrs. Green’s World stops growing our platform, we won’t be able to connect “the big green dots” like we did in this case…and then things like Ben’s Bells meets Southwest Airlines won’t happen. I need your help….please, please, please, please.      Thank you.

Know that you are loved…you are important…and you are essential to my joy-filled life!



That about sums it up. To hear more of the story, join Laurel Moffat & me tomorrow at 12 AZ time – it’s what I love about green talk radio.  Mrs. G