You never have to worry about my only sharing the glowing emails. I don’t write blogs to get praise (even though nice words are ALWAYS appreciated & valued). I read every word that people write to me and listen to anyone who calls in to my green talk radio show.

So here’s an email from Maggie – verbatim.
“I cannot believe you are promoting 30 lb bacon in stressed economic times when
there are perfectly awesome and reputable lamb goat and cattle folks right here
in town. Can you say keep the money local??????????

I am sorry to say I am shocked. I raise my own chickens and goats for meat.
If meat eaters whine let them go vegan. It is also very incorrect to tell
people to eat less meat when the research is out that meat, clean meat and raw
milk are indeed what the human body needs.

this is an outrage to my sensibility. It is going against everything  that
I work my butt off to educate people on this ridiculous diatribe of green. I
was there before it was cool or hip.


Just two things – for the record – I ALWAYS promote local everything – all the time, and I walk the walk whenever possible.  Cross my heart.  And I was only kidding about the bacon. I think it’s obscene to pay that much for bacon AND it has to be shipped. I go to the College of Agriculture farm at the University of Arizona to get mine.

And, Maggie, thank you – from my getting greener heart to yours.