If you have ever had the pleasure, the sheer joy of experiencing Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona, you can attest to the fact that the magic begins when you pass through the portal. From the breathtaking mountain views to the  gentle waterfalls that greet you, the magic begins to permeate your very soul upon entry.

Truly there is the obvious magic of Miraval’s sessions. You can actually observe what I call “the look” on other people’s faces after they have experienced one. One after another, they emerge from their sessions with looks on their faces that are hard to explain. Whether it was a calming hot stone massage or an equine session with the magic maker Wyatt Webb or a Walk and Talk session with Coach Leigh Weinrab, it doesn’t seem to matter.  We all have  “the look” and recognize it on the faces of others. It’s that, “I’m not really quite here, someone must have cast a spell over me, what exactly just happened to me,” kind of look. Magical, mindful and ever-so-Miraval. Undeniable.

Then there is the magic of the staff who work there.  It’s clearly evident: They like working at Miraval. There are no stiff, contrived “how are WE enjoying our stay” kind of greetings.  If they remember you from another stay, you get real smiles, real hugs and real greetings. And if it’s your first time, you are made to feel welcome – genuinely and sincerely.  From the person who delivers ice to your room to the people who make the smoothies and everyone in-between,  the staff  adds to the magic.  But there’s still more.

IMAG0299What IS the hidden magic at Miraval? What other emotion sweeps over me every time I stay there?  During my last visit, it was the question I was determined to answer.  What is this magic?  Why do I feel the stress literally drop off of me as I pass through the gates? Why do I feel as though I have entered Neverland and never want to leave?  What makes Miraval so different? I was on a mission to discover the answer.

I admit I have not totally solved the mystery, but I have some thoughts on the secret. One is the wildlife. If you take the time to walk slowly, to stop, to listen, to quietly observe, to just be, the hidden magic reveals itself through the plethora of critters. From the bunnies to the hummingbirds to the owls to the javalinas to the deer and the bobcats – you experience Miraval instead of staying there. Where else might you find a turtle-in-residence  with her own “Turtle Crossing” sign? As a result of their magical presence  you become part of the magic.  I am convinced of it.

Another secret is more subtle than hidden – the placement and exquisite selection of incredible works of art. From the blue dogs to the breathtaking glass globe which magically draws you to it to the ravens perched so perfectly on the patio, beauty surrounds you.  It embraces you. It delights you. It’s magic and the people who work very hard to make it appear so effortless and so natural play a roll in creating this unique magic; in making sure the spell is not broken.

In closing I will simply say that if Miraval is not on your bucket list, I highly recommend you add it. It truly is an extraodinary experience for your lifetime. In my role as Mrs. Green, I believe that preserving the planet begins with preserving your sanity and taking care of yourself . Find your Miraval & make it happen.