I am getting ready to leave for Hawaii in about 2 hours.  I am up at 3:30  a.m. because I had a nightmare about the oil spill.  I grew up swimming in the ocean off the coast of New Jersey and to this day, I love to go back to visit.  There always seems to be magic in the air when one sits at the edge of the world and takes in all an ocean beach has to offer.

Could this be one reason why I want to stop what I am doing and go to the Gulf to be of service?  I ask myself mulitple times through-out the day what more can I be doing?  How can I reach more people and ask them to donate their time or money to organizations on the ground removing oil from the penguins? How can I inspire people to action? Inform them that the ocean needs us right now in whatever that looks like for us – even if “that” is praying for miracles to minimize the carnage and devastation?

The words eco-friendly and sustainable are good words, meaningful words. On the other hand, the words urgent, tragic and devastating seem to pop up most in this head of mine these past weeks. The environmental impact is immeasurble right now. As a country, let us show the world a response that will be an example of our true greatness, not our sometimes false bravado.

Do what you can whenever you can.  And I will be here to remind whoever will listen to keep on keepin’ on.  The ocean will remind me.