There are times when a Facebook post just doesn’t cut it.  Hope people opt in to read this because it is emails like these that are the wind beneath my wings, my inspiration, green fuel for my fire, what sustains me and yada yada.  Sarah is what I call a “super greenie.”  When I get a high-five from her, it is a good day. And it was a good show that shared information about green waste, organic composting, sustainable partnerships, recycling & where your trash does go.

“Dear Gina and Staff,

I love this little “blast”
reminder about tomorrow’s show.  I confess to not being a listener … a
fan, but not a listener.  Saturday afternoon is usually an outdoor active
time for me and the thought of sitting still at the computer or radio makes me
want to scream.  But I must say that this made me think twice about
it.  Something about being reminded made me feel somehow more involved,
invited, accountable, like I’m part of something.  It’s an excellent
supplement to the newsletter.  Plus I’m a closet case trash

Plus, the art really caught my eye –
very attractive banner (Mom!), it really drew me in …and I love the tag
line – that totally caught my attention … and I noticed that the
scroll bar on the right was short, so I knew it was a palatable
tidbit that I had time for on a Friday afternoon ( afternoon here in
Michigan that is).

And alas, it left me wondering about
how to listen to the show even while out and about doing my Saturday
routine. Very effective new strategy and I like it. : )  I will pursue
alternative listening strategies.

Thanks you guys!  I love what you’re doing.

Sarah (Bonnie’s daughter)”

FYI, more and more people are figuring out how to listen live to my show on their iPhones and Androids. Others are downloading the podcasts & touching base to let us know they enjoyed the show. Please become a part of the active listeners and let me know if you are having challenges doing so!  We need you. I need you.

Please visit – past show for your reference is Jason Tankersley from the Fairfax Companies & David Cohn from Bactifeed.