On most days I believe I live a charmed life. But that is a story for another blog or book! Part of my reason for believing that is because people seem to give me presents all the time. And I am barely exaggerating.  Case in point for this blog?  My friend Kathy Sawyer (from http://www.cartridgeworld.com/Tucson-AZ/85704-0391/) dropped off “a little something” for me a few days before Christmas.  That little something happened to be a beautiful clay pin attached to a card that reads:

The Green Heart

The green heart beats with a deep love of the earth. This person owns and carries a sacred knowledge and respect for their responsibility to Mother Earth. The green-hearted person honors, not only each person living now, but also honors, by action each generation to come.

On the back, the card reads: The Color of Your Heart is a gentle reminder of the many ways we have learned to love. These pieces are dedicated to my mother, whose heart filled my whole life with love and wonder.  Made in U.S.A. by Kimberly Hinton

This will keep my green heart beating strongly

So far, I haven’t read it once without tearing up.  Thanks Kath!

Here’s to Mother Earth and to my mother, Florene Christine Ann Vogel Murphy, whose heart filled MY whole life with love and wonder. I miss you Mama.