Skeptics might comment that of course I write nice things about Miraval – they are one of my partners. Well, those skeptics don’t get it and certainly don’t get me because I only write what I authentically feel inside. So moving right along.

Yes, I put up lovely posts about Miraval and how I start to relax as I pass through the gates. And, yes, I love spending time there – just being there. It does sustain me & take me out of the fast paced life I live every day. Hope an entire week is in Mrs. Green’s future.  But did you ever wonder why?  That’s the only part that really matters.

Want some reasons? Miraval’s staff walk the walk. They are genuinely friendly and you know what I mean – not that canned syrupy grin that we all have gotten at some places. There is an authentic engagement that is hard to describe but easy to feel & observe.

Miraval’s food is delicious and healthy.  How do they do that? I eat things that I haven’t eaten in my entire life all wrapped up in fresh, healthy creative salads and sauces and smoothies. They source locally when they can and there is always a new delicious creation to delight the palette. And I can’t help but mention those chocolate chip cookies they put out at about 1:15 in the afternoon. It really does reflect their tagline of life in balance.  My life will probably always include chocolate chip cookies.

Miraval’s commitment to sustainability is obvious, apparent and is incorporated into the fabric of their entire community. They build green, they feed you healthy and delicious food, they offer so many classes about how to incorporate wellness into your every day life that is boggles the mind. They also have what I call little “On Purpose” messages posted on signs through-out the property.  If you take the time to really smell the roses (or actually look at the blooming barrel cacti), it becomes so apparent that creating a sustainable community at Miraval is not just a marketing ploy but an approach to living. They respect the desert, they respect their clients and they respect our planet.  They get it that Planet Earth is really a sealed envelope and that everything we do as human beings leaves some kind of footprint. Miraval gently reminds us how important it is for all of us to leave smaller ones.

So much for short blogs.

Miraval's Environmental Statement