Join us for this rare cross-cultural event, as Indigenous Leaders collaborate with Scientists seeking to provide solutions for one of Earth’s most pressing environmental challenges of protecting and maintaining our water supplies.

Traditionally, trained elders are stewards of land and water who maintain intimate relationships with our natural world. Water is viewed as a source of life on the planet and is seen as a Sacred Element.

Scientists are now studying and documenting climate and environmental changes that are effecting water supply around the globe. They are seeking to create and support long-term climate adaptation to maintain and balance supplies with the need for water.

Who we are: The Great Gathering Mission statement and Board Members.

ADVANCE TICKETS $29 online (purchase tickets)

Doors open 12:30pm. This is an open seating event.
Date: November 10 – 2012
Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: Berger Performing Arts Center
ASDB – Tucson Campus
1200 W. Speedway – West Parking